Aboriginal Art Dot Paintings And Other Types Of Aboriginal Art

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Human beings have been created as the most intelligent species in this earth. When the first being stepped into this world, he knew nothing about the different ways to survive in this world but gradually he learnt to survive. As the time passed by, human beings learnt to adapt the changing seasons, environments, started to cover their bodies, etc. They learnt the ways to communicate with one another by innovating different languages. Languages actually used to be the symbols which were eventually named as a language. As the time passed by, natives of certain places left messages to each other by using specific symbols to deliver a secret message which was later on adapted in the form of an art. Aboriginal art dot painting is one such kind of an art that used the specific symbols of dots until final portrait was achieved. In this article, we will be discussing about aboriginal art dot paintings and other such types of aboriginal art.

Aboriginal art dot paintings:

Basically, aboriginal art is the kind of an art which is specifically drawn or made by the natives of a certain part of the world or by a certain country. There are different kinds of aboriginal art forms; one of which is aboriginal art dot paintings. It is the kind of paintings in which millions of dots are drawn to form a certain pattern. These dots can either be drawn by the use of only two colours or by the blend of multiple colours. However, multiple numbers of vibrant colours are used to draw a dot painting. The ultimate aboriginal art dot paintings that we achieve is quite hypnotizing and person feels like he is lost in the painting.

Other types of aboriginal art paintings:

As we have discussed earlier that there are different types of aboriginal art paintings besides aboriginal art dot painting so, we are going to discuss them briefly as well. One such type of aboriginal art is done on rocks and is known as rock painting. Then there is bark painting which also a type of an aboriginal art paintings; it is the kind of a painting which is carried out on a tree wood. Then there is string art in which number of nails is hammered in the piece of a wood then the string or thread is tied from nail to nail. Similarly, there are other such aboriginal art forms as well like sculptures, etc.


Aboriginal art dot painting is the kind of a painting which is specifically drawn by the natives of a certain country by drawing the multiple of number of dots. These multiple dots ultimately present us with the specific pattern. Even though mostly variety of colours is used to draw the aboriginal art dot paintings but sometimes only two colours are also enough. “MBANTUA” is a fine art gallery and cultural museum which offers the best kinds of aboriginal art dot paintings. 

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